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Enoteca Marco Costantini guarantees your data protection and the responsible use of all information related to his clients. We kindly ask you to read on as with regards to the privacy legislation (art. 13 . lgs 196/03 and followed by the document “requirements for the collection of online Data” from the european union). To this legislation it has been added a further international legislation to guarantee the quality of ours service wherever he may be.

Information use

On our web site you will find the registration forms, for you to fill in, for quires or to purchase our products and services. The personal data released (email, telephone, address, etc) will be used to send you information requested, to process your purchase and if necessary to complete your online purchase (financial information, credit card number, credit card expiry date, delivery address, etc) and billing procedure.

It will be possible to receive information on all new services, special offes and all news regarding us. All your details will not be released to third parties. It will be possible to widraw from the registration following the procedure outlined in the box “to remove email”.
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Enoteca Marco Costantini, in an effort to satisfy his clients requests and collects useful information in order to ensure a correct service. Such information will be archived in the company database and will not be sold or leased to third parties. Every client can receive an update on the latest news.
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Indirizzo IP

Enoteca Marco Costantini potrebbe, qualora necessario, far uso dell'indirizzo IP dei clienti per il monitoraggio e il corretto funzionamento del Server e per la gestione del sito. L'indirizzo IP dei clienti potrebbe essere usato inoltre per raccogliere dati demografici sull'affluenza, sulle modalità di uso e sul traffico generato dal sito. Queste informazioni ci aiuteranno a rendere più efficienti i servizi offerti online e migliorare il design e l'usabilità del sito.
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Modifiche normative

Enoteca Marco Costantini could, if it was necessary, use the clients IP address to monitor the correct use of the server and the management of the site. The clients IP address, could also be used to collect demographic data on the influx, instructions and traffic genereted from the site. This information will help us to make more efficient the service offered online and improve the design and usability of the site
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To remove email

If you wish not to receive adds or special offers, the following procedure have been set up:

  • Email: if you wish to be removed from our mailing list please send an email to with “remove” as subject. Within two weeks your request will be processed.
  • Profile: To be removed from the mailing list please the option available from your profile.
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Final agreement

In using the site and purchasing a product the user agrees to the collection and use of information as explained in the current document. Any update or amendement of the legislations previously illustrated will be valid for all new registered users and will be accordingly announced and published on the site.
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How to contact us

For any futher quires on the “privacy policy” and the procedures in place within this site and use of the data, kindly contact:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +39 06 6620797
  • Second class post:
    Enoteca Marco Costantini - Customer service
    Via Domenico Tardini, 3
    00167 Roma - Italia

Our staff is available Monday from 16.30 to 20.00 and from Tuesday to Saturday from 09.00 to 13.30 & from 16.30 to 20.00.
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